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Knowledge Is Power, And Speed Is What You Need!

Our special programs provide unique opportunities for you to learn what we know. Everything from how to dribble a soccer ball faster, to injury prevention. All with the goal of making you a better athlete.

Elite Speed Academy

  • Custom-Designed 12-Week Program
  • Improve your ability to move faster in all directions
  • Learn proper mechanics to improve speed and agility
  • Develop FIRST STEP quickness and reaction
  • Enhance your STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY
  • Includes baseline pre-testing and improvement post-testing

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ACL Injury Prevention Program

  • The average ACL injury results in 9 months of rehab and lost competition/participation time.
  • Each athlete is screened to assess his or her level of risk for an ACL injury.
  • The program includes the following: specific warm up, flexibility exercises, strengthening, and correction of faulty movement patterns, plyometrics and agility.
  • Program is designed to prevent ACL injury and improve sports performance.

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