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What We Do

Serious athletes come to Elite Sports & Wellness looking to improve their speed, strength and athleticism as they pursue competition at the college or professional level. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date, proven techniques in sports performance enhancement and injury prevention, producing the best results for our athletes.

How Do We Do It?

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Sports Performance training programs? 

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Identify potential areas of deficit through an injury screening and orthopedic assessment. Our screening process helps aid in the development of an athletic profile, and custom programming leading to your desired goals.

  1. Functional strength, stability and flexibility testing
  2. Injury identification
  3. Age-appropriate athletic testing: to identify strengths and weaknesses
  4. Running evaluation: using video analysis to identify faulty mechanics

Have you ever wanted to put a number to your fitness? Now you can! Our new Seca device is a precise 98.5% accurate.  This technology can give you a report including, but not limited to fat mass, muscle mass, and hydration status.  After a baseline report is taken, we can train towards your individual goals and eventually retest to compare results to see your success! 

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1st and 2nd Workout:

Guided workout with a sports performance coach to familiarize athletes with their program


Athlete continues to follow program under supervision and modification as necessary by trained sports performance coaches, achieving their sport-specific goals.

Recovering Athlete:

Our facility offers a transition program to post-rehab and post-op athletes not yet ready to return to their sport. Our staff prepares the athlete for the level of fitness required by their sport.

We work with athletes of all ages to identify areas of deficit through athletic testing and orthopedic assessment and use these results to develop an individualized performance training program for each athlete.

We also work with individuals of all ages and levels of ability to identify areas of risk and customize a workout geared towards their personal goals. 


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