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The SECA Body Composition Analyzer

Getting to know your body on the inside, will help you better understand what you need to work on. Fat vs. muscle percentage, whether you are hydrating enough, whether you are eating the right types of foods. This technology, added to your Elite training process may be an important part of your fitness and/or athletic performance landscape.

Body Composition Analysis

Here is a look at an average body comp analysis.

Key Functions:

  • This machine is medically precise and meets the gold standard for determining body composition parameters such as percentage body fat, hydration and muscle mass.

  • It can determine someone’s exact pounds of body fat, pounds of muscle mass, body fat percentage, current hydration status as well as BMI to an accuracy of 98.5%.

  • Second in accuracy only to a hydrostatic weighing tank, even more accurate than the Bod-Pod.

  • It can determine where new muscle mass is being added on the body, such as the arms, legs or core.

  • It can serve as a valuable tool in evaluating ones fitness program effectiveness or be used to establish a baseline when starting a new fitness program.

  • The entire process takes less than 5 minutes and all you need to take off is your shoes and socks.

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