Shoulder Health

Shoulder Health

Shoulder Mobility vs. Stability

     When it comes to the shoulder joint, “glenohumeral joint” we often think of the ball and socket connection between the upper arm “humerus” and the shoulder blade “scapula”. The shoulder is the most mobile but least stable joint in the body. As a unit, the shoulder girdle consists of both the scapula and the clavicle “collar bone”. When considering shoulder health, we need to divide our efforts; the scapula requires stability via strengthening the muscles attached to it while the glenohumeral joint requires mobility which is usually lost due to inactivity and insufficient active range of motion throughout the day, or misguided gym programming that focuses too much on compound movements such as bench press which can overdevelop primary movers while undermining the smaller stabilizing muscles in the shoulder. Overtraining bench press can put a lot of stress on the rotator cuff while inhibiting the use of the serratus muscle causing a kyphotic posture “rounded shoulders and winged scapula”. Over time, the rotator cuff, specifically the supraspinatus, will take a hard hit, so here are a few exercises and stretches to consider for your shoulder health.

  • Stretches:
  1. Doorway stretch
  2. Prayer stretch
  3. Banded chicken wing with lateral neck flexion
  4. Pectoralis minor stretch
  • Exercises:
  1. Pendaly Row
  2. Banded shoulder external rotation
  3. IYT’s
  4. Push up plus


14 August 2018


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